A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Hyper Juse-Bawks Mayhem combines a challenging platforming experience, with the thrill of blasting your copious polygonal enemies into dazzling smithereens. When Mayhem Mode is activated, your attack power instantly doubles, allowing you to cut through the thickest hordes of enemies while maintaining maximum score accumulation.

The satisfying, confetti-like explosions emitted from the fleets of your devastated foes will fuel your Mayhem into a bullet-frenzy of epic proportions.

Concluded by a laser-orb-slinging final boss, Hyper Juse-Bawks Mayhem requires every last bit of your skill and concentration to vanquish your ultimate foe and attain the highest score.

Updates Coming Soon!

This game was a student project developed in Unity2D for Game Production 2015 at UCF.

Juse Hypercube Games:

Concept/Design - Joel Thomas Programming/ Boss/ Music - Zachary Goodless aka CKCrash Programming/ AI - Edward Watkins Art/ Character Design - Tiffany Brodie Art/ Special Effects/ Background Art - Jon Nguyen

Install instructions

The download is a zip file containing the executable game, and the data folder required to play it. Extract the contents from the folder, double click "HyperJuseBawksMayhem.exe" and voila, enjoy!

Recommended size: 1280x720

Recommended quality settings: good


HJBM - Windows.zip 18 MB
HJBM - Mac.zip 20 MB